God Wants to Speak

I was encouraged to write this new book which was released in June of 2010 because God has shown me and Marilyn, my wife, many prophetic dreams and visions which have come true. Some are events in which we had to give warnings to people individually. Then, God spoke to me one day and said, “Nate this is not about you nor Marilyn, but it’s about generations to come after you are dead and gone”.  This let me know that God is concerned about His people.  He is concerned about this generation and those to come.  He is concerned about people on an individual basis and on an international level.  God loves us so much that He allows people who He has chosen to get a glimpse of events, some catastrophic which could take place if we don’t stand in the gap and pray.  However, some of the things He reveals to us are just going to happen, because it’s inevitable and even prayer can’t stop it—many of which we read about in the Holy Bible.

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We are blessed to have the gift of prophetic dreams and visions; here is a list of just a few:

  • Nate was praying one morning and saw sheep around him in a vision and after he came out of the vision he wondered what he saw.  God did not give him the interpretation at that time.  So he thought, “I wonder what that was all about”.  Not telling his wife what he had just experienced, later they came together to pray and as she was praying she said, “Nate God said if you love Him for you to feed His sheep”.  Then he knew God had given her the interpretation of what He had shown him.

  • Not long after Marilyn met Nate she told him that she dreamed that he was engulfed in a spider web.  Nate immediately interpreted the dream, because he knew exactly what she was talking about.

  • God showed Marilyn in a dream and spoke to her several months in advance that someone close to her was going to get into trouble, God instructed Marilyn to fast and pray for this person.  When the incident happened, God worked it out for this particular person.

There are dreams, visions, and prophecies that Nate shares in “God Wants to Speak” which impact our lives in more ways and areas than we can possibly imagine, such as politics, health, the elements of nature, the present, and the future. In this book the author encourages us to take a closer look at these messages to see just how much love God has for His people.  All He wants from us is to love Him, and each other, in return! pic1_thumbNATHAN SCOTT is a born again believer in God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. He has served as an ordained minister of the Gospel for over 25 years. Nathan and his wife Marilyn resides in Dallas, Texas.

God Speaks

Has God ever spoken to you through a dream or vision? Are you a dreamer? Have you had dreams that later came true? Marilyn shares how she has experienced divine insight and prophetic dreams from her early teen years but didn’t realize it was God speaking until decades later. She relates how God has taught her how to use the dreams He has given her. In God Speaks, Marilyn tells many true stories relating to divine insight through dreams and visions: How He revealed in a dream that He was going to send a woman to pray for her healing. How He showed her the man who was to become her husband before she even knew he existed. God also revealed to her in a dream that something significant was going to happen on 9-11 before it occurred. She also shares how God has led her to pray especially for certain people, such as when He told her to intercede for an NFL football player. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready to experience some of the most intriguing, true stories you’ve ever read. Marilyn believes that as you examine these accounts, you’ll understand why we should reverence God, know that He is concerned about His people, realize that He knows all things, and believe that He sometimes reveals what is about to happen through dreams and visions.

Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations:


“After reading this book I was able to see and witness by reading some of which I believe are the writer’s “Real Life” experiences. It beared witness to me that God does send us messages about the past, present and future, as it relates to purpose in our lives. I encourage you to read it, should you ever wonder if God is speaking to you or someone close to you concerning issues or about messages, he might want to convey. The author provides many short stories/scenarios, that I was able to identify with, since I have dreams somewhat frequently. In my dreams, I believe God is trying send me a message. Many of my dreams came to pass, some have been answers to prayers and some, I believe are forthcoming.” Donna

“Highly inspirational and uplifting. A must read for those who are seeking spiritual clarity and guidance with understanding that God speaks to and through every day people. Loved this read!” Key M.

Intimacy with God

The Bible is given to us to instruct, rebuke, guide, and teach us God’s heart and mind concerning our lives, and its hidden truths are attainable. But sometimes our personal efforts to understand its truths fail, and we’re left without the answers we need. It is through an intimate relationship with God in Jesus Christ, His Son, and by the power of God’s Holy Spirit, that we are able to access the knowledge and wisdom contained within it. Intimacy With God also highlights the importance of loving God through obedience to his Word. The author encourages us to believe that it is both a possibility and a reality that we can talk to God and hear God talk to us!

When We Become Intimate With God…
…we draw near to him and discover his truth.
…we find that it’s not only a possibility, but a reality that we can talk to God and hear him talk to us.
…we draw near to him by obeying his word!

Book Recommendations

“Some of the most timeless and precious truths are revisited to bring clarity and desire for intimacy with our Lord Jesus in Nathan Scott‘s book, “Intimacy With God: The Key to Finding Truth.” Issues that violate the presence of God in our lives are quickly addressed in a writing style that makes you want more and causes the elements of the book to be easily applied to your life.”
Sandra Querin
Author of “The Prayer of Job and The Prayer of Moses”

“Intimacy with God by Nathan Scott puts the focus back on God as our source and not man made efforts. It challenged me to spend more time growing my relationship with God. Jesus stated plainly in His teachings that we can do nothing without God. Therefore, our relationship with God is of the utmost important. I was continuously challenged by the book, and how it de-emphasized the things that most Christian consider as important, and focused our attention back on the most important of all-Intimacy with God. This book is a must read for all Christians who are seeking to fulfill the Great Commission.”
Norman Henry
President, Builders of Hope CDC